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If you haven’t thought much about Jesus and Christian faith before, please look at God Stuff as a way of thinking again about a spiritual life

These web pages were prepared by my father, John McKinlay. It’s mainly things he wrote and used in a lifetime of Christian teaching. He arranged most of it into a progressive understanding of Christian beliefs.

You will find an starting point on the Footsteps page.

There is some information about the McKinlay family and our forebears at not too much, my web pages. This includes research done by my father.

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Brian McKinlay


The header is a view of the Derwent valley, taken from the veranda of John’s home in Old Beach, near Hobart.

Acknowledgements: John was grateful to the many elders and teachers who added to his always growing store of understanding. He recognised the work of many who went before him. “We are all at best merely organisers of the insight given by the Holy Spirit,” he said. “The Spirit above all is the one who points to Jesus, who is the true revelation of the Word of God.”

Disclaimer: I have published these pages to present faithfully my father’s work, on which he spent many, many, hours. I wholeheartedly honour his burning desire to share the Gospel and teach the faith and I agree with much that is written here. But that doesn’t mean that I agree with everything. Indeed I would strongly question some of my Dad’s ideas!