Footsteps of faith

God’s pathway

“A royal priesthood” (1 Peter 2:9)

First footsteps on the path

More steps … through the word of God.

Step 1: A new Christian

Step 2: New beginnings: basic elements of Christian faith and life.

What is a Christian? The Bible. God’s triune being. The Body of Christ. Humankind? The way back: repentance and faith. Baptism in water and the Holy Spirit. The Lord’s supper/communion. Alone with God

Step 3: Living a Spirit-filled life

Being led and guided by God’s Spirit.

Step 4: Understanding foundation principles

Growing in Christ. Repentance. Faith towards God. Baptism in water and the Holy Spirit. Baptism in the Holy Spirit. The laying on of hands. Resurrection of the dead. Eternal judgement.

A. Topical studies

Here a little, there a little; step by step, topic by topic—to grow more and more to love the Word of God (Isa. 28.10)

B. Great themes of the Bible

The great pictures and ideas in the Bible and how they speak of Jesus

C. Church ministry and leadership

D. Advanced studies

Studying to be a good worker