Jumac Books

by John McKinlay

The called-out ones: a study of the New Testament Church.

Prayer and Worship. (Pathways. Book 1) ©2004

The Foundation Principles. (Pathways. Book 2) ©2004

Led by the Spirit. (Pathways. Book 3) ©2004

Music in the New Testament church. (Pathways. Book 4) ©2001

The Tabernacle of Moses. (Pathways. Book 5) ©2004

The Levitical offerings. (Pathways. Book 6) ©2006

The Tabernacle of David. (Pathways. Book 7) ©2007

A Study of Sevens: shadows of the redemptive week. (Pathways. Book 8) ©2008.

Looking for his appearing. (Pathways. Book 9) ©2011.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ. (Pathways. Book 10) ©2010