Alone with God: private devotions (Tutor notes)

Ministration = act of service.

Each Christian must serve as priest before the spiritual altar and each individual Christian is called to rule and reign with Christ.

This involves us all in the a daily ministration (service) wherein we exercise our privilege of coming before the Lord that we might be alone with Him.


Ps 55:17. When?

i. ……………………
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1. Daily consecration to the will of God

This is an aspect of the prayer life and would usually be included in the daily prayer. The offering up of our total selves to God each day is an every day sacrifice however. It takes but a brief moment but the acknowledging of God’s importance in our lives makes a real and significant difference to attitude for the day. As with the children of Israel, daily. Jesus said, “let him take up his cross daily….”.

2. Daily prayer

While it is true that we are to pray continually or have an attitude towards God that is one of constant contact with Him. There is also a need to offer special prayer offerings which are from the deep emotions. Sometimes we are unable to find the words and the Holy Spirit will pray for us. Praying in tongues helps us in this way ,and also allows the Holy Spirit to speak with the Father on our behalf We are edified by this. The student needs to understand the importance of such prayer.

3. Daily supply of the Spirit

We receive not because we ask not. Our Father likes us to ask!

4. Daily manna

Each of us is to feed on the Word daily. Read for ourselves the “What is it” (this is what manna means.) supplied to us personally by God. For “owls” the last half hour before sleep, or “fowls” the first half hour of the day. Instead of the TV sitcom; it is much better than “Days of Our Lives”.

5. Daily washing of the priest

Exod. 30:17. The brazen Laver stood before the tabernacle to provide water that the priests might wash.
When did they wash? ………………………… How often? …………………………..

Titus. 3:5. the washing of regeneration. Eph. 5:26 washing of water by the Word.

The knowledge of the “manna”, i.e. God’s message for us for today, (see above) is of no use unless we apply it to our lives. Water does not wash unless applied!

6. Daily cleansing in the blood

Lev. 4:13, 17, 21. The blood was poured out as part of the sin offering to cleanse the people of their sinful acts.

Read Heb. 9:22.; Matt. 26:28.; Rev. 12:11. We ask for the cleansing from sin by the precious blood of Jesus continually so that daily we may be overcomers.

7. Daily praise and worship

Psalm. 72:15. This is one of the Messianic psalms (speaks of Jesus). It calls us to daily praise and worship, not just on Sunday (Rev. 5:10-13).

One of the fruitful ways of praise is in a loud voice. Learn to talk with God OUT LOUD. A few suggestions might be … in the car on the way to work, around the house while the chores are being done, anywhere where you are alone.

8. Daily exhortation

Heb. 3:13. But exhort one another daily while it is still called today lest any of you be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.

To exhort = to stir up (also see Heb. 10:25). Stir each other to enthusiasm and a partaking in the life of the saints.

We do have mobiles phones and e-mail. Stir each other to enthusiasm and a partaking in the life of the saints. DAILY.

As we go out from being alone in the presence of God to walk with Him in the world keep in mind Acts. 5:42.
— And DAILY in the temple and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach JESUS CHRIST