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Made kings and priests

” to him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood, and hasmade us kings and priests toGod and his father—” (rev. 1:5-6). ” you— have redeemed us to God by your blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation; and have made us to our God kings and priests : and we shall reign on the earth” (rev. 5:9-10).

All the experiences of the Book of Revelations is for this end ñ tomake the overcomers kings and priests to God!

The unveiling of the sons of God is not the revelation of people that will ” do” something. The unveiling is of a people who have become something. God is not concerned about taking His elect to a place ñ a far-off heaven. Redemption is about making them anew. Not a question of where they are going, but a matter ofwhat they are becoming ..

to as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God” ( jn . 1:12 ). “You have made us to our God kings and priests.” “He that overcomes shall inherit all things; and i will be his God, and he shall be my son” (rev. 21:7).

Jesus could do all things, but the doing is incidental, a by-product of being . Our vision is not in doing or going butknowing the Lord ! Our hearts are to be set onhim ! We are not to become occupied with ourselves, we are occupied with His purpose in us, with what he has said he would make us .. “This people have I formed for myself .” “You be will be to me a kingdom of priests.”

When the light of God comes and shines into our heart, we become a light.
When we feed on the bread of heaven, we become living bread.
When we drink of the water of the spirit, out of our innermost being flows rivers of living water.
When he is made to us righteousness, we become the righteousness of God.
When he has fully saved us, we become the salvation of the Lord.
When he reigns upon the throne of our hearts, we become kings and priests with him.


God will have a body through the earth in the the latter days, a people walking in God, walkingas God, whose only purpose is that the Father be glorified . God is raising up a people formed for himself, through whom he can reveal and manifest His fullness. A kingly priesthood called to reign with life, light and love. Touching God with one hand and humanity with the other their priestly ministry will bring humankind to oneness with God. The kingly nature in the sons of God is not to dominate over menís lives, but to break the power of selfhood, rebellion, sin and the devil that men may be reconciled to God.

This is a king-priest ministry, after the order of Melchisedek. Kings have power and authority. Priests reconcile in mercy and love. Once the reconciliation has taken place, and Christ is enthroned, God is to be all in all . That is the principle of the kingdom of God !

Sons of God rule only to subdue men to God ñ then God will rule in all men. He rules first through his chosen that he may rule finally in all humankind. Throughout the age the Holy Spirit has been forming, preparing, and equipping the body. When that body is given power and authority over all nations, over all things in the ages yet to come, the kingdom will be expanded from realm to realm, from the lowest of the low to the highest of the high, for of theincrease of his government and peace thereshall be no end !

A kingdom of priests is being prepared with the life and love and power that will cause the nations of the world to turn to the living God. If you want to bless humanity, if your desire is to see the world transformed and the captives set free, until there is a new heaven and a new earth wherein dwells righteousness, thenforget , once and for all,all the old-order church system methods of the past. None of them have converted the world, delivered creation, or brought in the kingdom of God ! They are not enough.

A move of God of worldwide dimensions is in the making. Asonship company that isbecoming the embodiment and personification of all Godis. Not a revival of evangelistic crusades, television programs, musical concerts, bus ministries, or the building of church buildings, but the overflow of divine passion and power from people who have been consecrated to God. These will not minister in organized meetings; there will be no pulpit, no choir, no song service, no prepared sermons, no organization or promotion of any kind.

The sons (daughters) will ministerspontaneously in every place at all times. In the fields, on the streets, in the homes, in the business establishments, in the restaurants, in the hospitals, in the churches, in the schools, on the airplanes, buses, and trains ñ wherever they are to minister, by command of the spirit they willappear in power and demonstration of the spirit. They will minister to the meek, lowly, and needy, to the great and mighty, to the common people and to kings, presidents and prime ministers, to all men everywhere without respect of persons. None will be able to gainsay their wisdom or their revelation or their power!

Already bright clouds are gathering on the horizon, clouds of a multitude of witnesses to the deep and vital work God is doing in the lives of his apprehended ones in preparation for the manifestation of the sons of God.

The sonship ministry will not flow from gifts of the spirit, but from the life and nature of Christ formed in his body .

The ministry of kings and priests is not a gift ñ we aremade kings and priests ñ it is abecoming. God’s concern is with the inner development of the Christ, the formation of all that He is as a life and nature within us. Our becoming the essence and substance of his being! The greatest service we can give is to die to all our ego-self, to all the religious methods of the past.

The call to the King Priest is to live Hislife as a declaration of all that He is.