New beginnings

Now that you have come to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord
the adventure of the spiritual life lies ahead of you.

One dimension of this life is found in the study and understanding of
the Word of God. May this series of short studies help you to begin.

In all your seeking after wisdom and knowledge, it is my earnest prayer
that you will keep in front of you the thought that the letter kills,
but it is the Spirit that gives life.

May you always look unto Jesus,
for He is the author and finisher of your faith.


Part I: Basic principles

(Mark 16:15 NRSV) He said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation.”

  • What is a Christian?
    1. When was the word first used? 2. What is the meaning of the word ‘Christian’? 3. Three Greek words to think about. 4. Some important ideas. 5. In whom can/do we trust? 6. Growing a strong Christian. 7. A Christian is a person who …?
  • The Bible: its place and authority
    1. Who can understand the Bible? 2. The Scriptures are the Word of God. 3. The symbols of the inspired books. 4. We need to …?
  • The Ecclesia, the Body of Christ
    1. What is the ecclesia? 2. What did Jesus say? 3. Two ideas about the ecclesia. 4. Membership.

Part 2: Christian living

  • What is humankind?
    1.Who/what was the first man? 2. Adam disobeyed. 3. Humankind after Adam’s disobedience. 4. Humanity today without Christ. 5.Humanity today in Christ. 6. Who is the real you ?
  • The way back: repentance and faith towards God
    1. The first step. 2. Some false ideas. 3.What are some of the fruits/results of genuine repentance ? 4. What are dead works ? 5. Faith is also a foundation. 6. Faith defined. 7. What is the source of Christian faith?. 8.Walking in faith.
  • Baptism in water: death, burial and new life
    1. Why water baptism ? 2. What does baptism mean ? 3. Who should be baptised ? 4. The old man and the new man. 5. The name and water baptism. 6. The words that are spoken. 7. Why are these words used ?
  • Baptised in the Holy Spirit: the gateway to service
    1. A person, not just a power or force. 2. The Holy Spirit, the Lord Jesus Christ and the ecclesia. 3. Baptise with the Spirit. 4. If we receive the Holy Spirit how do we know? 5. The big question, “How do we receive?” 6. Born of the Spirit / baptised in the Spirit … a comparison.
  • The Lord’s supper/communion, and the Apostle’s doctrine
    1. Are doctrines important? 2. The Scriptures speak of … 3. And the breaking of bread. 4. What are the symbols used in thanksgiving ? 5. With what attitude should we come to the Lord’s table? 6.Some important teachings.
  • Alone with God: private devotions
    David’s example, 1. Daily consecration to the will of God. 2. Daily prayer. 3. Daily supply of the Spirit. 4. Daily Manna. 5. Daily washing of the priest. 6. Daily cleansing in the blood. 7.Daily praise and worship. 8. Daily exhortation.

Tutor Notes