The Tabernacle of Moses

Contents and foreword

by John McKinlay
a Jumac publication ©2004.
(Pathways. Book 5.)

Preliminary note: God’s dwelling places
1. Introduction
2. Altar and sacrifice
3. The brazen laver
4. The golden lampstand
5. The table of shewbread
6. The golden altar of incense
7. The ark of the covenant
8. The ascension ministries


“Whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning.” Rom. 15:14.

As the Creator led humankind slowly along the path of enlightenment he also began to reveal His eternal purpose to them. Primitive, wayward humankind had to be pushed and cajoled, shaken and treated rather roughly until they could at last begin to realise that there was a God who cared.

One man believed God and from him sprang such a group. At last they could have a “visual aid” to help them understand more clearly the true nature of the Creator. Such was the tabernacle of Moses.

However all that was done and revealed had to be in holy, righteous and in perfect accord with the divine purpose and future revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our studies seek to show how this simple tent reveals the Redeemer.

These studies are written as an “introduction” to the Tabernacle of Moses. Numbers of books are available on this subject and the earnest student may gain deeper insights by the study of these other works.

The whole bible is built on the understandings hidden in the services, ordinances and ceremonies connected with this tabernacle structure and knowing of them gives us a panorama of knowledge across all the Scriptural writings.